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Are you a SmartBRO USB modem user? Are you annoyed of their slow internet connection? Have you spent a fortune for paying their service? If your answer is YES to all of these questions then you are very lucky today! Because i am here to provide you information on how to get back at or at least make the most of, from a service that never really gave what they promised.

I’m a former dial-up user, because I really didn’t use the internet that much and I was still working at an internet cafe back then. Now, I’m in a bit of a slump and no longer have a landline phone service, so I told my brother to buy a SmartBro Prepaid Kit so that we can still have an internet connection at home without worrying about monthly bills.  December last year he bought one and I got a bit excited to use it because of the nice things that I have read on their website. Later it turned out that their coverage in our area was low, it was 1 out of 5 bars most of the time. OUCH! Viewing Yahoo mail and friendster was already a hassle because of the slow connection, how am I supposed to watch Youtube Videos here?! The good thing about dial-up is, you already know that it’s slow, but with smartbro, their claim is “Just PLUG it IN! It’s BROADBAND!” then why in the name of everything holy is it like this?! This is the reason why I made a little bit of research on the net and this is what I found out. FREE INTERNET BROWSING USING YOUR SMARTBRO USB MODEM(technically you need at least 2pesos loaded to your account on certain situations).

How does it work?

Basically we will be using proxy servers to browse certain websites. The main difference is our proxy server is SMART Communications itself. For those who don’t know what a proxy server is, just imagine an extra computer between your PC and the internet. All data and information from your PC passes thru the proxy server first before it gets to the internet and vice versa. You might say, “Isn’t that the way SMARTBRO works?”  Your data goes to Smart’s network first before they actually send it out? They would first determine if you have enough credits. If you do, then they will allow you to access the net but if not then, “Sorry! Your prepaid account does not have enough load to continue. Please re-load to resume your internet use. Thank you!” will appear on your browser. How is this proxy server thing any different?

Take a look at it this way, I’m pretty sure that almost all of us have passed or at least seen a toll gate. In order for you to have access to a certain place, you would first need to pay a certain amount of toll fee. They will not allow you to pass if you don’t pay-up. Right? Ok! But what if I found a way to reach that same place without passing thru the toll gate? I’m not talking about driving thru a thick forest or in the middle of a field etc. It’s a normal road. Does that make me a cheater when the rest of you pay honestly and I don’t? Call me anything you want but the same thing is applied here.

All our data will still pass thru SMART, but to a specific part of their network. A particular part of their network where they no longer monitor whether you have enough credits or not. So how can we use this to access the internet for free? Read on.

How do we do this?

If you see this notification,  “Sorry! Your prepaid account does not have enough load to continue. Please re-load to resume your internet use. Thank you!” that means you no longer have enough credits on your account. All you need to do is type these proxy server’s addresses in your browser’s address bar so that you can access the internet.

As you can see, these are WAP sites of SMART. WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) is primarily used for providing internet access for mobile phones. But you don’t need to worry because it will also work on your pc browser.

Once the proxy server’s page loads it will provide its own address bar. That is where you should put the address of the site you want to visit and not the address bar on your browser. Voila! Free internet for all!


Reminder; since this is free and probably designed for phones, don’t expect a fast connection. But anyway it’s free. And another thing, if you can no longer connect to SMART’s network (meaning if you Click the CONNECT button and is says “Retry or Cancel”) you will need to put 9pesos or below to your account. PASALOAD works. It will not be used up but you won’t be able to use it to send text messages. You can browse the net for as long as the amount doesn’t expire, which is around 24hrs. Another reminder, if I were you I would not use proxy site for viewing sites that requires any form of log-in information because proxy servers are capable of viewing any info that come their way.

Last words

I hope all of you will benefit from this and hopefully the people from SMART won’t see and read this so that we can enjoy this forever! Tell your friends about my page and help spread the word and please leave a comment. Let me know what your thoughts are. THANKS! Always remember, “There’s always another way!” it may not be the best, but it’s still something to consider.

If you want to speed up your SmartBRO Prepaid USB connection. Please visit my other blog on how to do that. I’ve done it myself and it was able to provide me a peak of 1.2Mbps at one time and it was only showing 2 out of 5 bars!

95 Responses to “FREE INTERNET BROWSING Using SmartBRO Prepaid USB Modem”

  1. Anonymous said

    Has Anyone tried this yet? Well, aside from the author that is:)

  2. muahkaba said

    is this still up or ok pa ba to…im now using my smatbro prepaid
    hope kapaf nadetect ito nmg smart meron pang ibang posible way..makapagsurf

  3. greystone576 said

    Thank you sa nag-iwan ng comment! Pasensya na at ngau lang ako nkapagPost ng reply sa comment mo. Recently napansin ko na di na gumagana ung trick na binanggit ko, mukhang nagUpdate ang Smart. Kaya ang ginawa ko e naghanap ako sa iba’t-ibang forum at ito ang mga nakalap kong inpormasyon. Mga trick ito na di ko pa nasubukan. Kayo na lng ang sumubok pra malaman nyo kung gagana cla o hindi. Right now kasi ang pinagtutuunan ko ng atensiyon ay kung papaano ioOpenLine ang Smartbro ko. Balak ko kc lagyan ng GlobeSIM. Sa celphone ko kc e pwede akong magEmail at minsan friendster kahit wala nmn akong load. Gusto kong magawa din yun sa PC ko e ang kaso kapag nilalagyan ko ng GlobeSim ang SmartbroUSB e nanghihingi ng NCK code. Kung may nakakaalam kung pano makakakuha ng NCK code para sa LONGCHEER WM66 Model sana tulungan nyo ko. Anyways ito ung mga trick na nakolekta ko sa web tungkol sa free browsing.

    REMINDER! Ang mga sumusonod na mababasa nyo galing kay EYFREEL at hindi sakin. OK!

    Smart Prepaid Sims (Smart and also Talk N’ Text) ay
    gumagana po sa SmartBro Prepaid Kit.
    credits to darkluza: na working din ang Talk N’ Txt

    Palagi kasing nag-uupdate ang smart, kaya suggestion
    po ng iba na mag-PM na lang kayo kung may gusto nyo ng
    free site. For now, di muna po ako makakasagot sa
    mga nagpiPM kasi may order ako na wag muna.
    Baka madelay po muna ang reply ko. 

    Instructions first:

    1. Activated GPRS/3G sim.
    2. 1-9 peso(s) load (para hindi makain load mo)
    3. Strong GPRS/3G signal (para sa maganda ang connection)

    HOW TO:
    Gawa kayo ng Settings sa Smart Bro para mapagana nyo. Ganito po…
    OPEN nyo SmartBro. Go To:
    >> ADD

    >> Tapos lagay nyo…(eto lang yung lalagyan nyong field)
    >> Config Filename: Smart
    >> Dial Number: *99#
    >> Use the following APN: internet (i-type mo to as APN)

    >> Tapos, OK, tapos CLICK nyo yung Smart
    >> Set As Default
    >> Select Network: Automatic
    >> Mode Preference: GPRS/EDGE preferred

    >> Then click APPLY..

    I’m using ZTE Model MF622, UPDATED version ito.
    Kung same model tayo, pwede mo din i-upgrade/update yung
    software mo, DOWNLOAD ka dito.


    NOTE: yung mga tricks below, pwede nyo din gamitin
    sa SmartBro nyo using SmartBro Simcard Pero kahit wala ng
    Addt’l Settings.

    TRICKS na pwede gamitin:
    1. Dot trick
    2. Dot trick (cgi emulator)
    3. Proxy/IP (alternative)

    *** DOT TRICK ***
    Open ka ng FireFox Explorer or Internet Explorer
    (use FireFox para mas mabilis). Put this sa web browser address.

    DOT TRICK Examples: (para sa mga newbies na hindi pa to alam)
    http:// + FREESITE + . +
    ex. (example lang)

    **NOTE: Nanganganib ang dot trick, nauubusan na kasi tayo ng free site,
    pero kahit paano, may natitira pa Just PM mr for your concerns/questions.

    May thread din po ako about DOT TRICKS collections, may iba pa
    dung samples.. eto po
    Dot Trict List (Collections):

    Para sa mga gumagamit ng dot trick pang-Free BROWSE..
    Maganda po ito gamitin sa PC browser. For me, DOT TRICK ang
    pinakamadali at pinaka-common na trick sa browsing hehe!

    Eto para sa mga newbies na hindi pa alam ang procedure…
    [TUT] HOW TO: (For Smart Only)

    1. Using SmartBRO:
    ->a. Open your SmartBRO Application
    ->b. Click Connect (For ZTE modem, you must have @least P1.00 – 9.00 load para hindi makain)
    ->c. Once connected, Open your Browser (e.g. Mozilla FireFox/Internet Explorer)
    ->d. You’ll see this message:
    Sorry! Your prepaid account does not have enough load to continue.
    Please re-load to resume your internet use. Thank you!

    Smart Mobile Internet
    Smart Website
    ->e. Now, put nyo na yung mga dot trick links na nasa baba. Lalagay nyo dun sa
    address bar.. (ex. sa halip na
    ->f. Then, may lalabas na website, which is, yung page ng You will
    see a BOX, dun mo ngayon ilalagay ang website na gusto mong puntahan, like ang press ENTER.. lalabas na ang website ng SB.

    2. Using CP as MODEM:
    ->a. Kung may connection setting na po kayo, or Kung may Desktop
    shortcut na kayo, syempre madali na yun, CONNECT nyo lang po agad.
    ->b. Sa mga wala pang connection setting, magdownload muna kayo ng PC SUITE
    suitable for your unit. Kung hindi nyo alam kung pano gawin yung settings nun, magbasa
    muna kayo ng manual config, or hanap kayo ng TUTORIALS or [TUT] about it.
    ->c. Kapag nagconnect na, same procedure lang po tulad ng sa Using SmartBRO
    from -> bullet letters c. to f.

    3. Using CP Built-In Browser: (For SE Units Only)
    ->a. Open Your Setting> Internet Setting> Internet Profiles
    ->b. Select Smart Internet, set it as Default.
    ->c. Smart Internet, dapat walang Proxy or Port.
    ->d. Pero kung gusto nyo lagyan ng Fast proxy, pwede din.
    Right Click> Setting> Use Proxy:YES> Proxy address: >
    Port number: 80 Eto personal kong gamit na proxy sa cp ko.
    ->e. Now, Open your Interner Services> More> Bookmark>
    New Bookmark> Put a Title (kahit ano)> Address (mamili lang sa dot trick links sa baba ex.
    ->f. After making it, click mo yung bookmark na yun at may lalabas na website
    ->g. Put the website you want to visit sa BOX na makikita mo,
    then press GO or BROWSE!

    Eto po compilation ng dot tricks na alam ko. Share ko lang po sa inyo.
    Its your choice naman what technique you want to do. Basta for
    those who are using this technique, para po ito sa atin.
    Credits sa iba na nakadiscover..


    May buhay na FREE site na po for SMART users,
    madami na ding nakatay sa kanila for dot trick. Inalis ko muna
    po yung free site.

    Just PM me sa gustong humingi ng free site na
    ginagamit ko. Sana hindi makatay yung back-up ko.

    PROCEDURE: for noobs/newbies..
    http:// + FREESITE + . +
    ex: (example lang)



    UPDATED: June 16, 2009
    (halos magkakaparehas lang po ito sa,
    DISABLE nyo lang po ang pop-up blocker,or press OK kung
    may lalabas na pop-up menu..)

    UPDATED: June 17, 2009

    UPDATED: June 18, 2009
    (put www. sa
    unahan ng website na ibabrowse mo para mag-open)

    UPDATED: June 19, 2009

    UPDATED: June 22, 2009 – credits to leedee

    UPDATED: June 24, 2009

    UPDATED: June 29, 2009

    UPDATED: July 06, 2009

    Replace nyo ang FREESITE ng mga ito..

    FOR SUN:
    Replace nyo ang FREESITE ng mga ito..

    Replace nyo ang FREESITE ng mga ito..

    You can use it sa SMART BRO, GLOBETATTOO,
    CP as MODEM, at CP built-in browser..

    *** DOT TRICK (cgi emulator) ***
    Tulad din yung procedure ng dot trick sa taas.. eto lang ilalagay nyo sa web address… You can also use it as OM Server.
    medyo mabagal lang magconnect sa 1st page pero okay to sa downloading)
    http:// + FREESITE + . +
    ex.…/000110A/http/URL (example lang)

    Yung URL, replace ng website na pupuntahan mo like or, etc.
    Hanap lang po kayo dyan sa thread, marami pang ganito..
    credits sa mga masters na nagcontribute ng trick na ito..

    Visit nyo din po itong thread, madami po cgi proxies dito:
    CREDITS to sir superben of PMA.…………….ownloadingonly……………………………
    Pwede nyo din gamitin yung ip’s, palitan yung proxy at port sa internet setting.

    Internet Explorer
    Kung ito gamit mo, punta ka sa
    >> TOOLS
    >> (choose SMART then Click) SETTINGS
    >> (Remove the check sa Automatically detect settings, and Put Check
    sa Use proxy server for this connection) and
    >> put this in the address and port:

    working dito ang Friendster, at ok ang uploading and downloading using FireFox
    PORT: 80

    >> Click OK twice.
    >> Tapos type nyo sa browser,, tapos lalabas na yung site ng proxy
    >> Tapos type nyo sa BOX yung site sa pupuntahan mo.
    >> Then click GO! or BROWSE!, or simply press the ENTER tab in your keyboard.

    FireFox (mas mabilis)
    Kung ito naman gagamitin mo, punta ka sa

    >> TOOLS
    >> OPTIONS
    >> NETWORK
    >> (choose SMART then Click) SETTINGS
    >> (Choose Manual Proxy Configuration) and put this in the address and port:

    PORT: 80

    >> Check Use this proxy server for all protocols.
    >> Then Click OK twice.
    >> Tapos type nyo sa browser,, tapos lalabas na yung site ng proxy
    >> Tapos type nyo sa BOX yung site sa pupuntahan mo. Then click GO!
    or BROWSE!, or simply press the ENTER tab in your keyboard.

    WORKING din po mga ito sa CellPhone as MODEM,
    at sa cp built-in browser.
    *** END ***


    Gamitin nyo lang po ‘to kung tinatamad kayo magpasaload sa
    SmartBro nyo, and at your choice..kayo na po kung saan po
    kayo masaya..:) shinare ko lang po, para sa ating lahat.

    the GOOD:
    1. Working ang UZZAP application mo (kasi minsan,sa pasaload 2Pesos
    sa SmartBro Sim, hindi sya gumagana..)
    2. Pwede ka pang mag-Yahoo Messenger using Uzzap Application..
    to download UZZAP app click here: (summer version)

    the BAD:
    1. Medyo mabagal compared sa SmartBro Sim (depende pa din sa signal like, if 3G mas
    mabilis kesa according to DarkLuza and to others na nagtestify
    kung MAS mataas/upgraded na SmartBRO Prepaid kit na nabili, MAS mabilis ang surfing and download)
    2. Kung EDGE ang nakalagay sa signal mo, magdidisconnect ang page nya,
    dapat GPRS/3G ang signal para tuloy-tuloy ang browse.

    Inisa-isa ko na po lahat dito, sana nainindihan nyo po ang
    mga pinost ko hehehehe!

    ok po..hanggang dyan lang.. hit THANKS kung nakatulong po sa inyo..


    REMINDER! Ang mga sumusunod ay galing nmn kay derickeys at Technorepublic

    Credits to Derickeys for the share:



    Ok instructions
    1. Connect nyo phone nyo sa pc
    2. Connect nyo sa PC Suite One Touch Access using APN na
    3. Open ur browser kahit ano.
    4. Ping nyo yung site na pupuntahan nyo sa command prompt pra malaman yung ip nung site na pupuntahan nyo.
    Instructions kung pano mag “ping” sa mga newbies.
    a. click start, click run.
    b. sa run ilagay nyo “cmd” w/o quotes. May lalabas na black screen (yun yung command prompt na tinatawag)
    c. ok sa command prompt type nyo e.g “ping” w/o quotes lalabas dun yung ip ng na
    d. copy nyo yung ip address.
    5. Setting up ur browser. Sa Internet Explorer ganito. Punta ka Tools – Internet Options sa Connection tab piliin mo yung modem ng phone mo then Settings.
    6. Check “Use a proxy server for this connection” sa address bar lagay mo yung ip nung site na gusto mo sa “Port” lagay mo 80″ Click “Advance” check mo yung “use the same proxy server for all protocols”
    7. Click “OK” click “OK” again “then lastly click “OK” again.
    8. E2 na lagay mo sa address bar, kapag smart (para sa IE,FIREFOX at OPERA) (OPERA USERS)
    9. Instead na home page ng Globe o Smart ang makikita mo, home page ng Filhacks ang makikita mo kasi filhacks ang ginawa nating example. Syempre kung ang ip address nung site na gusto mo ang nlagay mo sa proxy, yun ang lalabas sa o

    1 MORE THING: Sorry po sa pupunta sa filhacks gamit ang trick na ito kasi po mareredirect lang po kayo sa Apache server page. Di ko na po ssabihin ang dahilan kung bakit kasi masyado na complicated ang explanation noon. Pero sa karmihan ng site ok po ito. Wag nyo na rin po iattempt maglagy ng ip ng proxy sites kasi ganun din po ang mngyayari. Pwede po maglagay ng proxy sites na mobile compatible kaso ang result na makikita nyo sa page ay very unusual kasi png mobile phone proxy po yung mga yun. Paki search na lang po sa net kung ano ano yung mobile phone proxy sites. Example po ay ng phonifier pero sorry po detected na po ng globe and smart ang phonifier. Pero not to worry po marami pa pong ibang site na pwede basta research nyo lang po.

    NOTE: sa firefox and opera halos ganun din ang pag setup ng proxy.
    NOTE: Di po lahat ng site kaya palabasin.
    Marami pong mabagal na sites, pero kung wap sites at forum sites sure na mabilis. Test nyo na lang po yung mga sites na di pwede. As of my experience, ang mag sites na mababagal ay FS, Youtube, tsaka kahit ano pang tube sites pero try nyo rin po.

    Mas mabilis po kung 3g phone nyo. Dont blame me kung mabagal kasi may times na mabagal ang inet.

    Kung di gumana sa inyo try nyo po the next day kasi may instances po na down ang inet. Pag di pa rin baka di po activated ang inet nyo. Pa activate nyo po sa CSR.

    Sana po gumana sa inyong lahat para tayong lahat.
    Salamat po sa mga nagbasa. Questions po paki post na lang pilitin kong sagutin kung kaya ko.


    Una lagay nyo itong ip na ito sa proxy settings nyo at port 80
    then lagay nyo sa address bar nyo ito:
    Globe: url)
    Smart: url)


    Eto pwede mag download…. port 80
    sa address bar:
    Globe: url)
    Smart: url)


    Proxy site ito para sa mobile phone kaya di nyo makikita ng tama ang mga images or positioning dahil pang mobile phone browser po ito.

    END OF QUOTE FOR derickeys at Technorepublic
    Ok b? Salamat ulit sa ngComment at rest assure i will try my best na maghanap ng iba’t-ibang paraan para kahit ppano e makabawi nmn tau sa ginastos nating pera sa serbisyong di nmn tau masaya. Kung gagawin nyo ang mga nakasulat dito o hindi ay sa inyo nakasalalay pero i would suggest ng gawin nyo ung SMARTBRO TWEAK post ko para mapabilis ng husto ung USB MODEM nyo. At least magbayad man tau e sulit nmn kahit ppano. Just keep on reading my posts and tell your friends about my page! Peace out!

    • Jhon Co said

      Hahaha napaka bobo mo pala gumamit kapa ng load para mka net ka? owss.. how poor brain.. if you have hindi kailangan mag load ng 9 pesos or baba para mka load ka sa smartbro o kahit na network.. only to do is to setup like what todo to mobile phone kahit walang load mka acces kapa rin ng net… hahaha if you want to acces internet connection into usb modem or mobile with out load just email me and take note there’s a pay to teach how todo that… remember u are using general pocket radius services. if you talk mobile and usb modem…

      • Leopoldo Cabonatalia said

        Pwd magpatulong? Kc my binili aqng new china tablet at prepaid smart broadbnd gusto q sna kung panu iset ang free net ko please tx me e2 number q 09161514700

      • chris said

        lupet mo brad… pahuli kya kita s dotc @ nbi…

      • chards said

        plz bro phelp nmn paturo nmn ako kng paano mgunli s internet s usb smartbro pra may mgmit ang mga bat kpg kailngan nila mgsearch s computer plz help me nmn po…..

      • nevermind my name said

        wow! i never knew that someone could be so damn stupid. try fixing your grammar first before telling someone that they’re stupid. otherwise you’ll be the stupid looking one. english isn’t that hard to master that’s why I’m wondering why do you think that the outhor is the one who has no brain when it is clear to maybe all of the people who’ve seen this blog that you’re the one that lacks intelligence. who the hell do you think you are!? your sollution to the problem came from another person. you didn’t discover it, you didn’t study the problem, you didn’t even conduct any experimentation so why’d you think that your smarter than this guy? what you only did was ask around, search the internet. you’re just lucky that you stumbled uppon a solution. don’t forget there is a huge difference between being smart and being lucky. shut up if don’t have anything that is truely yours.

      • ngodz said

        3G na usb modem di ba?

      • ?????? said

        ang yabang mo naman

      • layn said

        mag ask sana ko ng help..madalas kasi ko nagloload sa smartbro, to use Skype & fb..meron po ba kayo masuggest na help para mas makatipid???? please text me up… 09276758744 / 09279574567

    • sweetangel almz batinggana said

      hai sir papanu po mag ka free net sa smart bro? gamit q po m\smart bro me 09084710730…..naglolod lang kc ako

  4. dadah said

    hehe effective ba toh??

  5. joke said

    mabagal nmn ata yan, dami nmn jan tunneling application like toolnet jap etc… mabilis pa!… hehehe… peace otor

  6. ReeVe said

    parang ayaw po sya sa globe tatoo g.i.joe E1552….pero i got other ways nmn po to tweak it but it only take 15 mins then ma ddc na..pede pa elp to make the tweak longer..??

  7. Pogpog said

    Wow, this is good. Thanks Bro!:)

  8. raymond said

    is this all working? need po ng reply kagad.. kc aalis na po kami at mawawalan kmi ng net. may smart bro ako kso d ko alm kung pano ung libre.. tnx sa mga tutulong//

  9. superman said

    hello sakin gumagana yung ultra surf 9.8 sa smart bro prepaid 100% working at 150kbps ang bilis . ok na kahit papaano eto ang link.

    sana makatulong

  10. sempai said

    sa tingin ko d na gumaga na khit ilang proxy server gamitin ko..wla bang available for globe broad band?

  11. kendarlyrel said

    gumagana ba lahat to?

    • Miss Mysteria said

      hindi. I tried it. And you know what, bigla nalang may binigay sa akin na “DON’T IGNORE na letter.

      What’s inside? Basahin niyo sa baba.

      Dear ********** ******,

      Your current bill is ——

      Basta super laki. Lagi nalang ganoon since the time I’ve tried this. Thank you very much. So if I were you, you better stop this

  12. kendarlyrel said

    na detek nato lahat ng smart na try ko na lahat ..nung una gumagana pero after 15min na puputol..parang wala ng pag asa huhuhuhuh

  13. said

    pa tolong namn goh kailangan ko ng isang magandang setting para sa smart bro ko ksai nawawala ung conection ko nagiging 0.00-kps kainiz kahit 98% namn ung signal ko…………………………………… paki post rin nio ung pwedeng gamitin ung smart prepaid sim

  14. alfred said

    working pa ba yung para sa pc suite? pls inform me.. e-mail me pls

  15. Alan said

    Sir, you’re a genius!
    It really is working!

    Thank you so much.. =D

  16. jezzzzzz said

    ,,do you knoe about magic proxies ,??guys?

  17. ELGENE said


  18. Rj said

    totoo to? gumagana bah? sino naka try.. hmm.. try ko to pag wala na me load..:)

  19. no comment said

    Actually mabagal nga nman tlga ang tunneling settings hindi kase direct to BTS yan nagagamit lang yan as a pang research, facebook at chatting, kaso ibang website hindi gumagana sa tunneling so kelangan mo p ng proxy server para mapagana yun or ultrasurf kase yan ang gingamit ko alternative kapag nasa daan ako gamit laptop ko ahehehehe!!

  20. steve said

    does this work?

  21. lifedistancegroup said

    meron po akong bm622 na wimax globe tsaka bm622i na dc po kc sya pano po sya buayin nawalan po kc ako ng internet sana matulngan nyo po ako salamt

  22. riosaki said

    ANong upadate dito?

  23. jerald said

    saLamat sA lahat

  24. francis said

    gumagana pa rin to b sa ngaun dami ng lod kinain ng smart bro modem ko tpos d pa maayos ang service , gusto ko lang makabawi sa kanila jejejeje….

  25. Rapza Boy said

    wenkzz..hihirap ng process nyo,ito working,,1000% and fast to,,ultrasurf,,visit nyo tinkerbytes sa facebook,hanapin nyo ung post nila about smartbro kit hack,,super dali lang,,,enjoy…

  26. Spider said

    Try this new trick. Using Ultra Surf you can actually surf the Internet for free applicable only for Smart Bro. copy paste the link below or simply click it for more info.

  27. apple26 said

    Updated pah bah toh lahat????
    im usind smart bro right but i use to buy load in order to browse…
    plz help pano maka kuha ng free…

  28. haha jejeje use youre common sense and speed wisdom of 9……kbps thank you very much wahaha jejeje i.p.a.d.d.r.e.s. .html .all .com .my name haha jejeje

    • Miss Mysteria said

      Uhmm… It’s not that free kaya. As you know, you still need load to do this

      • Coolix said

        alam ko na gusto mu mang yari. Gusto mu matakot yung mga nagnet 4 free para tumigil na. Ako nga eh naawa din ako kay smart kasi dumami nang patagung nagkonek sa kanya. pero magagamit din naman kung kinakailangan.

  29. reply comment okay na?

  30. rodan said

    wala akong alam dyan d ko maintindihan

  31. MeloTigas said

    Mag paid version na lng kayo… para walang hassle…😀

  32. binibiningmeg said

    gumagana pa po ba to sa xp…??? kc natry ko ung ibang link di n working..?

  33. binibiningmeg said

    bkit ganun wat happen sa smartbro ko may 6 pesos load pero di maubos tas di nman makaconnect sa net?? wat hapen??

  34. dong mecate said

    gumagana pa ba ito, bro?
    Is there a latest smart bro tricks that work? Thanks.

  35. joy said

    lebring internet sa smartbro at paano gagawin tnx po

  36. hai i read ur trick,and im happy i wil buy a loptop,and im going to try ds trick tnx you su much bless,

  37. patago666 said

    paano kung ang gamit ko eh ung smart bro modem model E153 may paraan kaya para free browsing and internet

  38. Ronnel said

    Thanks Bro … i will tells this to all of my friends… ur the best

  39. Miss Mysteria said

    My mother is from smart. I know I’m not from smart but the point is, I’m helping her to see if people are cheating the largest network. “I hope people from smarrt are not gonna see this.”

    Let me tell you this one thing:


  40. Miss Mysteria said

    Let me tell everyone that this is not free after all.

    • Nerfez said

      smart deserve this. They are claiming to be the fastest. But they are really the slowest and the most hassle network in the industry. Delayed text and drop calls can cause troubles and even accidents to the people you know.

    • Coolix said

      sayang din naman ang load natin kapag nagdownload tayo tapos hndi naman nagamit. 1 tym nga nagdownload ako 64 mb yung remaining tym ay 48 hours, sa 500 mb ay 17 days. Papanu ko kaya hihintayin yun?

    • islandbug said

      @miss Mysteria Hey please tell your mom to fix these mess until now this trick is still working.

    • killjaden said

      tae ka mysteria!

  41. green_sky said

    hi po,just wna ask f aplicble b gmtin ung smrtbro sim s android f0ne?kng pnu po gwin s f0ne ung mga hacking ng smrtbro,tnx po.

  42. green_sky said

    hi po,ask ku lng f aplcble b gmitin ung smrt bro sim s android f0ne?kng pnu po ung hacking nya pra mgmit ku un s f0ne ku using smrtbro sim.tnx

  43. Dianne said

    Hey! how to have a free internet connection with smartbro????

  44. Layden Parte said

    thank you tlaga.

  45. Shiva said

    STFU Miss Mysteria

  46. Eric said

    kung gusto mo ma unlock ang smartbro mo…o ma openline.. just use huawei unlocker… hehehehe

  47. thaz said

    san ba hanapin ang >> SETTINGS
    >> ADD sa laptop?

  48. thaz said

    sa cp alam ko ang proxy na yan.. pero sa loptp na my smartbro.di ko lam kung sa hanapin ang mga setting na yan..gusto ko mkafree internet. pahelp nman. 09216880105 tnx

  49. Gen said

    i guess hindi na gumagana ung smartbro hack ngayun. hack user rin kasi ako noon. ultrasurf gamit ko sa smartbro. masasabi ko 100% work talaga. pero hanggang 3 months ko lang nagagamit. but atleast naka save ako. sana may update pa kayo nito.

  50. jonsxxx said

    The truth remains… and always remains… YOU DON’T OWN THE SMARTCOM NETWORK… You always remains as users and no matter what your priv that you may have now… You are not in control!

  51. bing said

    wala tama

  52. Archunx said

    galing ng author nito. Gumana nga sa akin

  53. Coolix said

    naalala ba ninyo yung tungkol sa zero bal connect ng smart na *767? Cguro magagamit din natin yun sa tricks na to.

  54. kyoji hagirame said

    Hindi na gumagana yan lahat… kelangan ngayon makabagong bug…

  55. parang mga tanga yng iba mag cocoment na lang bad pa . wag kau makelam palibhasa wla kaung alam sa pag hahack

  56. di pwd sa akin pm naman ako sa nakaka alam jan

  57. islandbug said

    yah its true,na try ko po ung free net nila.akala ko eh biro lang un..bat? di eto nasilip ng smart? anu kaya mga nalabag natin dito baka sa R.A 10175……cguro now is the time to inform smartbro. parang nd naman free ang term dito parang pagnanakaw ata eto…

  58. daryl dionela said

    lahat ng web site n yan may ksmang mga virus nadetect ng laptop ko kea dq na tinuloy.
    gumana skn ung mga ip proxies. that’s it gumana na.. kunting kalikot lng😀

  59. jm benitez said

    Nagawa ko to sa smartBro 7.2 plug-it modem… speed up to 6mbps- 7mbps nicemagaling talaga.

  60. jhonphillip said

    thanks bro. gumagana prin ung sa smart sim kaya lang matagal makaconnect sa first attemp. but drecho na kpag nakaconnect na.

  61. Arriane said

    Ayos! Matry nga to. Hindi na ako nakapag facebook hhehe. Sana maaccess ko din ang site na Salamat at more power! Sana magshare ka pa ng mas maraming information!

  62. makins said

    ako gumagamit ng SmartBRO version 5.244 at maka free browse ako kasi pinalitan ko ng GSM card ang modem tapos may bubuksan lang na free site at bwala libre na ang internet mo sa halagang P 0.00 balance basta maka connect lang sa Apps ng BRO
    Try and error kasi ang akin……… pero 60 % chance ang access

  63. LogiaWeb said

    Anybodys hav some new information how to get a internet at infinity sim smart?

  64. jeff said

    sana gumana sa akin ngayon ko pa lang itatry…… he he he…..

  65. Niesan said

    Paano naman sa globe? Ung any site mka browse hehehe

  66. Is this really working until now?:) It’s 2014.

  67. Master Hukagi said

    yes gumana pala to sa smart LTE sim at phone ko.. sarap ng buhay lakas ng speed

  68. Mr. Curiousity said

    @Miss Misterya: paki ask naman sa nanay mo kung papano e.hack ang smart na hindi madedetect forever..😀 haha.

  69. Tartar said

    meron paba nito ngaun?

  70. android_charly said

    gumgana po skn. . laptop gamit ko sakto lang ang bilis😉 thanks po

  71. Donna openiano said

    Sana lagi May free

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